Treatments - Walk in dental hygiene - The Gentle Dentist


For your convenience, and that last moment invitation that you need to look your best for, we offer (when available) ‘walk in’ dental hygiene appointments.

Unlike other clinics that offer varying degrees of ‘cleaning’, in our place, clean is CLEAN!!!- So all appointments guarantee removal of all damaging deposits.

Superficial polishing may give the illusion of clean but still in place are the same ‘flesh eating bacteria’ that will carry on destroying gum and bone. Therefore we do not offer 15 minute ‘gloss over’ appointments unless it is appropriate for you- which is rare!

Guide to Prices:

  • brush and go: £100
    A standard 50 minute dental hygiene appointment giving thorough removal of deposits and a simple polish leaving you sparkling clean.

  • tobacco road and extra sparkle: £100 - £125
    More resistant and extensive staining, such as occurs in smokers, may require longer dental hygiene appointments and the use of high power jets. The cost for these longer appointments depends on the level of staining.

  • tooth fairy special – for the less brave! £100 - £125
    We know that some of you who have unfortunately suffered from lack of dental hygiene care previously have sensitive teeth and therefore still avoid the hygienist. For you, our tooth fairy’s ‘wand’ may be necessary to ensure your comfort throughout your dental hygiene appointment. This takes a little longer and therefore the price is a little higher.

Although we encourage your regular return for dental hygiene appointments (after all, our business depends on it!), we always give tips for home maintenance and expect you to do your homework!


Maybe after all that work you want that extra ‘diamond white’ sparkly smile?

Ask about tooth bleaching to achieve that Hollywood sparkle and whiteness.