Testimonials - The Gentle Dentist


Hi there Chris
Thank you SO, so much for the lovely cleaning you gave me on Saturday. Thank you for all the support you gave me on the way to managing it – it was invaluable, as I'm sure you know. I was sorry not to see you on Monday to thank you in person.... as I bonded with your care the most in the run-up.

Modern and friendly dental place. Does offer high quality services, Comfortable environment. I found all that I was looking for: healthy, good-looking and a natural smile.
I’m lucky and now i can enjoy my family and my friends without shame.
It did make a massive difference on my confidence, and took my phobia away! Excellence practice, affordable prices and fair considering the service that is offered.
Thank you so much girls!!!!!!!

Friendly and flexible staff. They clearly know their field do their level best to accommodate and offer good advice. Nice offices and the equipment is up to date.

I am a new patient of Dr Paolella and have been treated very well. I am very nervous and my teeth extremely sensitive and have now spent an entire day having all my work done under sedation and did not feel a thing. Her technician is amazing and very talented at colour matching. She has a lovely new practice in Covent Garden with ‘state of the art’ equipment, lovely staff and a very gentle hygienist so at all times I felt in good professional hands.

To Toni, David, Chris & all the team, I just wanted to say thank you for doing a first class job on my teeth, I still can't believe the transformation.
They are just amazing.

Just a quick note to say.
I will eternally be grateful for plucking up the courage to make the first visit. How lucky am I?!?!?

I have never been to any private practice with such friendly and hard working staff!!
Certainly makes the whole process a million times easier and more bearable!

Morning Sally
Hope you are well! Just wanted to drop you a line to ask you to pass on my thanks to Toni for looking after me yesterday.
If my crown had fallen out during a hygienist visit pre my finding you guys i would have "gone to pieces". As always Toni had the solution and whilst it means my being "in the chair" again, i know it's for the greater good.
I can't believe its over a year now since i walked in to that office, a quivering wreck, my mouth held together with steradent and me shaking like a dog every time i got in the chair with the sweat pouring out of me lol I visited all of those other dentists like "Brighton Implant Centre" etc and all they were interested in was a very quick fix and get a quick £5k in the bank and oh how that would have been wasted money!!!
Until Toni fully explained to me about the bone loss etc and getting the mouth healthy i hadn't really appreciated how much non visible work needed to be done. The one thing that sealed it for me though was Toni never once mentioned the money, it was always about getting my mouth sorted. I will never forget that day she outlined everything that needed to be done and when i looked at her and said "what on earth is this gonna cost", she responded "oh just see Sally, she'll sort something out for you".
Please thank her for letting me have all of this work done and for allowing me to pay in monthly interest free instalments, couldn’t have done it without that.
Thanks again and see you all week on Monday.